As we move closer to Election Day, April 7th, absentee ballot requests by mail have increased rapidly. Anyone concerned with your ballot not being returned in time to be counted may drop off your completed absentee ballot certificate envelope in our lock box located in the vestibule at the Town Hall, 7161 County Road I.

This is especially important as we get closer to the deadline to receive absentee ballots by 8:00 P.M. on election night.

We will be checking the lock box daily and recording your returned ballot promptly in the statewide voter system. You can visit www.myvote.wi.gov to track your ballot and to request a ballot if you have not yet done so.

As always, you may contact the office at (608) 846-3800 with any questions or concern.

Wishing everyone the best during these trying times! Kathleen Clark, Town Clerk and Wendy Stoeckler, Deputy Clerk