At this time of year we start getting questions about when property tax bills and when they will be sent out. This year the deadline for mailing out property tax bills is Monday, December 16th. We must wait until our budget is approved at the Annual Budget meeting November 18th and the final information from Dane County and all four school districts. When all this information is gathered, it is sent to Dane County and the tax bills are printed. Information about in person tax collections will be included in the December newsletter.

The annual fee for trash/recycling will remain the same on your tax bills. A calendar showing the 2020 trash/recycling collection dates will be posted on
the town website under the Trash/Recycling Site tab. Copies will be available at the Town Hall in December. A reminder that if you have large items that will not fit in your trash container or if your pick up is missed, call Advanced Disposal at 608-251-7878 to make arrangements for collection.