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Plan Commission Minutes
Mar 13, 2017
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Town of Vienna Plan Commission Minutes

    Monday, March 13, 2017

The Town of Vienna Plan Commission meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by acting Chairman Jerry Marx.  Commissioners Todd Mallon, Brian Meinholz, Jim Koch and Clerk Kathy Clark were present. Commissioner Cathleen Heath was excused. Also present: Residents Clint and Kristy Shotwell, Supervisor Ron Rupp and DeForest Zoning Administrator Brandi Cooper.

Approval of Minutes – Motion by Mallon, second by Meinholz to approve the minutes of the February 13, 2017 Plan Commission meeting. Motion carried (4-0)  

Public comment: None

Discussion and possible recommendation – Shotwell CUP Application for Reception Barn: Marx opened the discussion noting that there were several changes made to the original CUP request. Shotwell informed the members that there were four changes made and offered to identify them before discussion.  The first was going from open all year round use to seasonal.  The second was requesting a Temporary Use Permit versus a Conditional Use Permit due to building codes.  The third was no longer adding air conditioning or heating to the building.  The last was keeping the parking lot as grass versus adding gravel to it. Marx asked what the seasonal period would be and it is May through October.  With no heating available, the barn would not be used for holidays in the winter.  The intent is to still book events every weekend during the season. Mallon asked about the bathroom accommodations. Shotwell indicated that due to the capacity requested of 250 guests, the bathrooms would need to meet state ADA requirements.  The septic is currently a drain field but it would need to be expanded for commercial use or possibly put in a large holding tank that would pump into the drainage field. Discussion with the building inspector regarding temporary use permit requirements would be addressed once the plans were submitted and approved locally. Meinholz asked about the driveway requirements. Marx recommended that the entry be paved about 100-200 feet off the right-of-way of the highway so lanes can be painted on the paved section for safety reasons.  It was also noted that under the temporary use permit, the Building Inspector and Fire Inspector would need to inspect the buildings for to ensure safety requirements are met. Marx presented several conditions that should be reviewed and discussed as part of the temporary use permit. Fencing, lighting, noise control and clear markings of driveway were just some of the suggestions. The clerk will note the recommended conditions along with the conditions suggested by the Shotwell’s and forward the list to the commission for review.  It was also suggested that the town attorney review the list and possibly be available for the next meeting.  The Shotwell’s offered an onsite review of the property along with a “noise level” check prior to the next meeting. Motion by Meinholz, second by Mallon to table the Shotwell CUP Application for a Reception Barn to establish conditions as part of the Temporary Use Permit request for review at the next plan commission meeting.  Motion carried (4-0)

Next meeting date: The next meeting will be Monday, April 10, 2017.

Adjourn:  Motion by Meinholz, second by Mallon to adjourn. Meeting was adjourned at 8:21 P.M.

Prepared by: Kathleen Clark, Clerk

Note: These draft minutes are subject to approval at the April 10, 2017 Plan Commission Meeting.  



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