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Jan 09, 2017
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Town of Vienna Plan Commission Minutes

    Monday, January 9, 2017

The Town of Vienna Plan Commission meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by acting Chairman Jerry Marx.  Commissioners Cathleen Heath, Todd Mallon, Jim Koch and Clerk Kathy Clark were present. Commissioner Brian Meinholz was excused.  Also present: Engineer Dan Paulson, and Residents Chris Evans, Clint and Kristy Shotwell, Brian Brandstetter and Shawn Haney.

Approval of Minutes – Motion by Heath, second by Koch to approve the minutes of the December 12, 2016 Plan Commission meeting. Motion carried (4-0)  

Public comment: None

Discussion and possible recommendation-Shotwell CUP Application for Reception Barn: Marx requested the applicants give an update on their plans since the last meeting.  Clint Shotwell informed the commission that they had gathered more information and provided it as a hand out with references to other CUP issued in the area. Marx asked if the Shotwell’s had filed for county permit for expanding their driveway or adding another driveway. The Shotwell’s wanted to wait to see what the Town decides before moving forward with the county. They were willing to meet any and all conditions that the town requested and provided a preliminary list of these based on the last discussion. Further discussion took place regarding noise control, safety issues including fire inspections, road concerns, possible fencing, residential concerns and the means to control the alcohol use. One suggestion was to have the town issue an Operator license to any bartender working the events and maybe limit alcohol to beer and wine only.  Clark explained that the CUP goes before both the Towns plan commission and board for discussion and approval. If approved, the next step will be to present this to the ETZ Committee for discussion and approval.  A public hearing will be required with notices mailed to surrounding residents before a final decision can be made. Mallon presented a list of concerns and possible solutions he had put together. To address these, he contacted the prior president of WATA, Steve Peterson, to gather more information on this topic.  Mallon was informed that about 130 event barns are operating in Wisconsin and the State is looking into proposing a “Barn Bill” to control the use of barns for events. Mallon recommended that the plan commission look into this topic further, get an idea of what other areas allowing event barns require and put together a list of conditions that the town would require before making a decision on the application.  Motion by Marx, second by Heath to table this CUP until further information can be acquired by the town and applicants. Motion carried (4-0)

Discussion and possible recommendation – Evans Rezone application for a new house: Marx inquired if Clark looked into whether the land is deed restricted and it is not. Clark informed the commission that Evans had enough land to create a new parcel to build a house on, based on the towns comprehensive plan.  Haney informed the commission that Evans property location is in the Village of DeForest Future Growth Plan area of the ETZ, which requires 35 acres to do a land division. Paulson indicated that this was brought back to the plan commission because the previous approval was based on the new house being built on the existing parcel and the old house would become inhabitable. Motion by Heath, second by Mallon to recommend approval to the board for Evans to split off a lot from his existing parcel with the condition that it meets the ETZ approval of 35 acres and/or split off a lot that meets the towns 75 acres and deed restrict the property. Motion carried (4-0)

Discussion and possible recommendation on Dane County Conditional Use Permit for Chapter 10 Ordinance Amendment.  Heath noted the change allowed 30 days to appeal versus 20 days and reduced the board member from 37 members to 5 members, making the appeal process easier. Motion by Heath, second by Mallon to recommend approval to the board the Dane County Conditional Use Permit for Chapter 10 Ordinance Amendment. Motion carried (4-0).

Next meeting date: The next meeting will be Monday, February 13, 2017.

Adjourn:  Motion by Heath, second by Mallon to adjourn. Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 P.M.

Prepared by: Kathleen Clark, Clerk

Note: These draft minutes are subject to approval at the February 13, 2017 Plan Commission Meeting.  



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