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Town Board Minutes
Feb 20, 2017
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Town of Vienna Board Minutes

February 20, 2017

The regular meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Breggeman.  Supervisors Gary Endres, Karen Ingalls, Ron Rupp, Steve Ruegsegger and Clerk Kathy Clark Treasurer Nikki Roessler and Patrolman Scott Benson were present.  Also present, Resident Dave Ripp and Pastor Jerry Grimshaw.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Public Comment: Dave Ripp introduced himself and was attending the meeting to listen to the board discussion.

Approval of Minutes: Motion made by Rupp, second by Ruegsegger to approve the minutes of February 6, 2017 town board meeting.  Motion carried (5-0).

International Harvest Ministries Claim for Excessive Assessment:  Pastor Grimshaw provided an overview of the issue.  The building was purchased in 2014 and the property was taxed in 2015 since the ministry was unaware that paperwork had to be filed with the state for exempt status.  In early 2016, paperwork was filed and approved for exempt status with the assessor but the property was not removed from the property tax roll.  Initially the Pastor was informed that the tax did not have to be paid but in the last week of January, the county confirmed tax had to be paid to file this claim for refund.  If this claim is approved, the Town will refund the taxes paid for 2016 and will receive reimbursement in August as part of the final settlement.  The board requested that the assessors attend the next board meeting to discuss this issue, along with others that have occurred.  Motion by Endres, second by Ingalls to approve the International Harvest Ministries Claim for Excessive Assessment. Motion carried (5-0).

Resolution 2017-2 Town of Vienna only supports a Corridor Extension for I90/94/39:  Clark explained that the purpose of this is to take a stand with other local municipalities on the project.  Village of Windsor, Poynette and Arlington, along with Town of Bristol and Leeds have adopted a similar resolution. The next meeting will be held on Monday, March 6th from 9-11.  State representatives Ripp, Fitzgerald Olsen and Jagler have been invited to attend.  Motion by Ruegsegger, second by Rupp to approve Resolution 2017-2 Town of Vienna only supports a corridor Extension for I90/94/39. Motion carried (5-0).

Operator’s Licenses:  Two applications were submitted for review from BP Allstop.  Review of the both applicants was discussed and upon completion, two separate motions were made.  Motion made by Rupp, second by Ruegsegger to approve the first application, Rasmussen, for an operator’s license.  Motion carried (5-0).  Further discussion on the second application took place. Motion by Ingalls, second by Rupp to approve the second application for an operator’s license.  Motion denied (2-3).

Town Supervisor Reports:  Supervisor Ruegsegger next meeting with the Dane-Vienna Fire board will be on February 27th.  Ruegsegger requested an agenda item to make it a five member board.  Supervisor Rupp attended the Plan Commission meeting on February 13th.  Nancy Mistele from the DOA Business Development presented on the topic of event barns, including handouts and examples of other event barns across the state.  Chairman Breggeman’s meeting with DeForest Senior Center was on February 14th.  Repairs to the building have been discussed and bids are now being requested.  Supervisor Ingalls meeting with Waunakee EMS was February 16th.  Members received reviews with and the department is running good. Supervisor Endres meeting with Waunakee Fire is scheduled for next week.  

Town Clerks Report:  The Spring Primary Election is tomorrow for a state position.  The turnout is expected to low turnout.  Wednesday we have to close the office for a few hours to bring results to the county.  Next Monday, February 27th Clark will be off for the day a closing on newly purchased property.  Stoeckler will be in the office for most of the day but the office will close at 2pm that day.

Review and authorize payments of current town and utility bills, wages and expenses:  Roessler explained the large payments were due to the February tax settlement with the county.  Ruegsegger inquired about the utility 1 energy bill. Clark will look into it and follow up tomorrow. Motion by Ruegsegger, second by Rupp to approve the bills as stated and pay the current town bills as submitted in the amount of $1,027,797.64; Payroll $4,415.34; Town Bills $1,022,426.53; Utility 1 $850.22 and Utility 2 $105.55.  Motion carried (5-0).

Adjourn: Motion by Endres, second by Rupp to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Prepared by:  Kathleen Clark, Town Clerk  

Note:  These draft minutes are subject to approval at the March 6, 2017 Town Board Meeting.


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