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Dane County Phone Scam
Jan 30, 2017
PDF Version: 23089_2017-Jan-30_Dane County Phone Scam.pdf


             NEWS  RELEASE

Contact:          Lieutenant Tony Fleres

Phone:             (608) 284-6155

Email:             fleres@danesheriff.com

Phone Scam Warning

January 19, 2017 – The Dane County Sheriff’s Office was alerted of a phone scam targeting local citizens.

In the scam, a caller identifies himself as a Deputy with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office. The man, states that he is calling in reference to a warrant that has been issued to the individual for failing to show up for Federal Court Jury selection. The scammer claims that the warrant was sent via U.S. mail and the only way to resolve the issue is to send money in the form of a money order. Throughout the conversation, the scammer also refers to the name of a U.S. District Attorney.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office wants to alert citizens that there is no validity to this call.  If you have received one of these calls, please continue to report the information to the 911 Center.

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